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Business development events, with a creative heart.

You are amazing. Like, incredible at your craft. You’re inventive to the core – you are a maker, or an artist, or a writer, or designer, or a creative in business. Still, being an entrepreneur is a little different than you’d imagined.

#artfulbizcon is a business conference with a creative twist.

Bursting with meaningful development advice, inspirational stories, and speakers with a whole lot of heart, the Artful Business Conference shows you the pathway to dream, build, and maintain your business in an artful way.

More than just an event, Artful  brings a community of like-minded people who want to build empires in different way  different to what we all grew up thinking business should be. The connections within the Artful community will see you finding support, growing your network, and making real friends.

Hosted by Online Business Manager, Creative Curator, and Multipotentialite, Elle Roberts, in 6 years Artful has fast become one of the creative community’s favourite conferences.

The Artful Business Conference is a GAME-CHANGER 

for passionate entrepreneurs and self-employed

creatives and makers just like you.

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Meet Elle – Founder & Events Curator

Elle is a multi-passionate creative coach, business mentor, dreamer, writer, speaker, and life-long entrepreneur.

Her happy place is working with clients to sort out their business planning, social media, marketing, goal setting, and digital strategies so they can focus on doing the work they love. She is an Online Business Manager working with short term and long term clients to enable them to streamline their business, maximise their profits and feel good about their marketing and planning.

As a balance for her love of all things systems and tech, she harbours a not so secret crazy passion for all things handmade and arty, so working with crafty and creative clients fills her with joy. 

With a soft spot for micro business and solo operators, she works with each client individually to help them find and communicate their inner values, believe in their innate potential, and help them rock out like the stars they truly are.

Elle is the brains and muscle behind the Artful Business Conference, having grown it with love, care, a bit of sweat-equity and a few tears, in 6 short years into the favoured business conference it’s become.

In 2019, Elle is sharing her wisdom on the stage at the event. She will be talking about  how to use your business as a tool to create the change you want to see in the world and she will be running an interactive workshop on Productivity and Organisation so you can do more with your time and take back control of your business.

The Artful Business Conference is her passion project.

She runs her own business, Elle Roberts – Online Business Management full time, around raising three kids and loving the man in her life. She also curates the Artful Business Community, Fierce Entrepreneurs and hosts Fierce Podcast.

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