Tash Corbin


Tash Corbin is a business mentor and coach for heart-centred, soul driven entrepreneurs. She helps fabulous women to build businesses that are aligned to their soul purpose, and that are profitable and sustainable.

Tash is an experienced business consultant who is applying her business nous and marketing savvy in a way that is connected and soooooo #notsausage. She facilitates the Heart-Centred, Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs Facebook community, which is now over 10k members strong.

Using the principles of lean start-up, and by helping her clients to build leveraged and passive income into their business model, Tash ensures that the ‘givers’ of the business world are rewarded for serving the world so whole-heartedly, and that they don’t get burnt out along the way.

At the event Tash will be hosting the VIP Breakfast and extracting brilliant insights from the speakers on the VIP’s behalf, and she will be presenting two workshops: The first on creating passive and leveraged income in a service business, and the second on launching in a way that is connected and gets results.

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