Katie Wyatt

Katie-wyatt-wellness-entrepreneurKatie is a business coach, consultant & podcaster who works with passionate wellness entrepreneurs who want to live their passion, help people and make more money in the process!

She is a corporate escapee who has traded the pencil skirts for yoga pants (although she’ll never give up the morning coffee). She loves superfoods, self-care and talking ‘shop’ – which usually involves green smoothie recipes, business model porn and podcasts.

Katie grew up in the corporate world where she learned the ninja arts of business & commercial success and the art of building a network, learning from the best and collaborating for impact. But she felt the corporate world had little soul and therefore little appeal for her. And after getting cancer twice in 10 years Katie realised that the only person who could change my life and give her the meaning & freedom she yearned for was herself.

Diving into Holistic Health Coach studies really amplified her passion for wellness – and also lit her ongoing passion for business.

“I decided that this was who I was meant to serve – passionate creatives and wellness practitioners who needed help with their business.”

Katie wanted to build a name for myself quickly, so that she could grow and find women entrepreneurs that she knew she could help. Katie set about building a name for herself “Which I felt would be really tough because wellness is a crowded market”.

Launching her podcast and began interviewing wellness leaders and entrepreneurs to understand how they were building amazing businesses from their wellness passions was a turning point in her business. She studied everything there was to study on social media, blogging and online marketing so that she could learn to craft my message. She studied with the world’s best and she got results. Really quickly.

In a short time (less than a year!) Katie had built an engaged tribe and mastered the art of getting visible, authentically collaborating and growing a business in a new market.

She has so much knowledge to impart on business, building programs, thriving in the wellness space and of course Podcasting. At Artful Business Conference this year Katie will be sharing with you practical tips to simplify, leverage and amplify your business and in her workshop she will introduce you to the wonderful world of podcasting.

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What is Katie talking about at #artfulbizcon 2016?

Keynote – The Power of Consistency

Everyone is looking for the silver bullet of success in business and Katie is going to show you how consistency has the power to be just that. Forget your guilt at missed blog posts, stale social media feeds and neglected email subscribers. Katie wants to bring the sexy back to consistency and help you rediscover the joy and creativity in showing up consistently for your tribe.

Workshop – Pitch Perfect: Grow Your Brand and Visibility Through Outreach

Growing the visibility of your brand and message is a critical part to growing your business. The ability to pitch effectively to platforms such as podcasts, journalists, bloggers, events and brands is an essential ninja art in online entrepreneurship yet so many do it without strategy or success. Come and learn to perfect your pitch from someone who both makes and receives perfect – and imperfect – pitches.

Workshop – Grow Your Business in 90 Days

Planning that doesn’t gather dust in the bottom drawer needs to be realistic, actionable and relevant. The most effective way to achieve this with YOUR business plan is in 90 day cycles. Together we will plan your next 90 days in a way that will leave you confident and empowered that you will have your best 90 days in business ever.