Jess May

LSWf7tMPJess May is an operations & systems consultant, working with businesses to streamline their procedures. She works with business owners to create and implement systems that give them back more time for the tasks that make them money.

From Defence Force contracting in North East Victoria to the mining industry in Western Australia and back again, Jess has had the experience of seeing how different people operate in different industries. Most importantly though, she’s been privy to what’s not working. Small, family run businesses and multi-million dollar corporations have gifted her with the same lesson each and every time – systems and procedures are vital.

Her favourite people to work with are innovative business owners making their living in beautiful places. Historical country towns. Inspiring home offices. Evolving rural centres. Places that are embracing change, technology and fostering growth and economic development, no matter the scale.

She lives in an introvert’s paradise surrounded by state forest and spends her days in front of her log fire with her fiance, feeding her sheep or teaching herself how to use yet another piece of software.

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