Elle Roberts

IMG_4867Elle is a multi passionate creative coach, business mentor, dreamer, writer, speaker and entrepreneur.

She loves working with clients to help them with their business planning, social media, marketing, goal setting and digital strategies so they can focus on doing the work they love.

She has a passion for all things handmade and arty so working with crafty and creative clients fills her with joy. She is outgoing and confident, she talks too much and if you start on the topic of “small business” it will be hard to shut her up.

Elle has a passion for micro creative businesses and solo entrepreneurs, and am  determined to help you find your inner values, see your true potential and help you rock out like the awesomely talented person that you are.

This year Elle will be talking to you about building a personal brand, standing out in your field as well as looking at fun and creative ways to build useful, meaningful plans for your business.

Elle is also the brains and muscle behind this event. The Artful Business Conference is her passion project. She curates the Artful Business Community and hosts the Artful Business Podcast.

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Website – www.elleroberts.me

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