Dominique Oyston

Dominique-OystonInternational Soprano and Teacher Dominique Oyston has performed on 1000’s of stages for over 25 years. She is THE speaking coach for conscious women.

Dominique works with coaches, authors, speakers, healers, writers and entrepreneurs to transform their communication and confidence. Clients experience a personal power evolution through giving voice to their core gifts. Trained as an actress and opera singer, Dominique is experienced in one of the few techniques that understands genuine vocal power and presence and she teaches women to anchor vocal authority through her signature programs.

Dominique works with professional women to empower their speaking voice in their business. Her training includes how to line up your business planets of self-expression, confidence, visibility, creative marketing, articulating an aligned offer, authentic elevator pitch, telling your story and creating an inspirational keynote speech.

Dominique specializes in helping women understand the restrictions they experience in their life through the pathway of reclaiming the voice.

This work leads them to flourishing in all areas of their life.

As a singer Dominique’s voice has been described as magical, healing and transformational.

Her expertise lies in the areas of women’s empowerment, voice production, story telling to magnify your business outcomes, keynote speaking and performance magic.


What is Dominique talking about at #artfulbizcon 2016?

Workshop – Confident Voice, Confident Business

Lack of confidence is the most common reason for not moving ahead with actions that are crucial to success in business. In this workshop you’ll discover the 5 key areas of Business Communication in which you MUST activate a compelling vocal presence.

You will also learn the 7-step system to build and anchor superior confidence and embody the full Feminine Power of your Voice. Your voice is the interface between your thoughts, feelings and ideas and the actions you need to take.

Vocal authority opens big doors and is a golden ticket to trusting your authentic self.  Learn the No.1 secret for women to speak with clarity and ease, how to align your voice with your brand and how confident speaking can monetize your biz effectively.