A business conference packed with practical and

meaningful development skills, inspirational stories and speakers

with a whole lot of heart and soul mixed in

Day One – Saturday May 18th, 2019

7:30 - Doors Open for Registration and Mingling
8:30 - Event Welcome with Elle Roberts
8:45 - Elle Roberts :: Be the Change You Want to See in the World
The world is changing – but for some of us not fast enough. With Social Justice, Feminism, Equality and so many worthy causes on the raise and on social media bombarding our live, how do we stir clear of “compassion fatigue” and actually use our business for good?

Wether you want to rid the world of some major injustice, or simply make every customer smile, you are in business to solve a problem, and to change the world.

Let’s be honest about how you can own that, ensure that you stay true to your mission and build a business that really does allow you to be the change you want to see in the world, while still supporting and fulfilling yourself!

9:20 - Linda Reed Enever :: Making Marketing Part of Your Day
With 5 businesses in the Enever Group Family Linda Reed-Enever knows what it is like to be busy and she also knows the importance of Marketing. Linda is going to share with us tips and tricks on how we can make marketing part of our day and eat the elephant one bite at a time.

She is the go-to girl for all things PR and Marketing and known for sharing amazing 5 min marketing tips you can actually use.

10:10 - Morning Tea

11:00 Workshop Session 1

ROOM 1 - Jay Crisp Crow :: Find Your Voice. Make Some Noise

There’s a fire in your belly that makes you stay up late, sacrifice parts of your life you used to be madly in love with, and want to consume information about how to promote your ‘thing’ like Google is a cheesecake and you’ve signed up to Weight Watchers.

It’s the flame of vocational business ownership. This is the business you were born to launch.

So why, when you go to focus that heart and heat onto a website or into an email do the words come out… soggy?

Crisp Your Copy is a firelighter of a session – part copy coaching, part cheerleading, and all open-book – Jay Crisp Crow will show you how to get out of your own way when it comes to writing the words stuck between your heart and your fingertips. Even if you’re half scared to death.

– how to weave personal brand into your business messaging
– how to build brand statements so you’re never stuck
– copywriting with crunch (avoiding safe stuff everyone writes and finding your own voice)

ROOM 2 - Linda Reed-Enever :: Optimising Your Facebook Profile and Pages

As the founder of 5 strong brands on Facebook and the Business Business Business Facebook Group. Linda knows a trick or two about making your profile and pages work for you and in this workshop, she will show you how to optimise your Facebook Pages and Profiles for Business.

12:10 Lunch
1:00 Laura Elkaslassy :: The truth about Profit

How oftn are we always looking at when the next income payment comes in to our biz. The constant; “I need to make this to pay that…”

This is where we need to have a candid chat about what running a profitable business is all about! 
Sure you need sales but HOW can you ensure you are profitable consistently? What does this even mean?
Laura gets into the top 4 things you need to know to ensure that you are running a sustainable and profitable business.
1:50 Renee Hasseldine :: Supercharge Your Sales With a Signature System

Do you know SO MUCH stuff, that it can be difficult to explain what you do clearly and succinctly? Would you LOVE an instant credibility boost, so that you are seen as THE EXPERT in your field. Are you creating or running 1:many events or courses and want to provide a powerful structure for your clients? Do you want to get your potential clients super excited about taking action and working with you? Then this session is for you!

Renée Hasseldine loves to extract the brilliant knowledge and expertise from someone’s head and turn it into something tangible. Into a Signature System! She loves it so much, she calls it #businessporn. In this session, she will show you how you can use visual models to massively boost your credibility, create 1:many products and get your message across clearly and succinctly.

2:40 - Afternoon Tea
3:10 - Shannon Bush :: Growing a Magnetic Business Beyond the Online Space
4:00 - PANEL SESSION :: Using Business as a Tool for Social Change
Featuring Elle Roberts, Mikaela Denvers, Stasha Washburn and Angela Henderson

6:30 SOCIAL EVENT - Details to Come

Day Two – Sunday May 19th, 2019

7:30 - Doors Open for Mingling
8:30 - Kate Toon :: Be a Shark or a Misfit But Be You

If you’d asked me five years ago whetherI’d have been running conferences, writing books, speaking at international events and making the big money. I’d have laughed in your face. Or ugly cried.

But here I am. Doing it all. And the question I’m most often asked is, how?

In my presentation I’m going to take you through:
> The practical ways in which I scaled my business without compromising my lifestyle.

> How I overcame my self-limiting beliefs to find my true potential

> The three questions I ask myself when making any business decision

> How I look fear in the face and do it anyway

9:20 Workshop Session 2

ROOM 1 - Jenny DeLacy : Using Video To Grow Your Personal Brand
People buy from people not brands. This workshop is about the simple mechanics of video and how to be better on it. But also about what IS our personal brand, what do we stand for, how does video fit into that picture?

We will do some brainstorming around your video ideas, messaging and practicing our core messages.

This can be confronting at times, but it will help you develop a personal brand that sells your brand and builds loyal customers.

ROOM 2 - Elle Roberts :: Business Brain Dump - First step to Producitivity and Organisation
Overwhelm, busy and wearing all the hats are worn like badges of honour in the business community, and let’s be honest we often end up there out of necessity and habit.

But what if there was another way? A way to reset the system, unplug the blockages and help you get more done with more ease?

I’m a busy mum of three, with a partner who is only home every second week, systems, planning and prioritising are the only way I get anything done. Let me share those tips with you.

ROOM 3 - Stasha Washburn :: Business In Flow

Learn how to integrate your Cycle as you plan your quarter so that you can show up in your business as the best version of yourself AND look after your body as you go.

In this interactive workshop we will cover the basics of charting and how to understand your cycle SO that you use it to plan your content, sales and launches in your business confidently.

Plan in a way that embraces your women-hood, nourishes your needs and OPTIMISES your output – because all that will boost your PROFITS with less effort.

10:30 Morning Tea

10:50 Workshop Session 3

ROOM - 1 Laura Elkaslassy :: Profit Pioneer Q & A

Do you know how to start with a book-keeper? Do you know if you need to be a sole-trader or company? Maybe you’re not sure how to track your income and expenses? Want to learn more about Profit First?

Bring all your small business money questions for an interactive and informative Q & A session with Laura Elkaslassy.

ROOM 2 - Angela Henderson :: Content Marketing Mastermind
This mastermind will send you home with the strategy you need to create exceptional content that will engage your audience and grow your business.
ROOM 3 - Shilpa Agarwal :: Your Story Matters

You have a story to tell. A story that can change hearts, minds and lives.

But you are hiding because you keep thinking “Who am I to write a book?”

Stop waiting for permission.

It’s time to own your worth and share your story.

So, step into your ‘authority’ and let’s change the world, one reader at a time.

In this session, we will follow a 4-step pathway to create a compelling vision of your ‘authority’.

You will leave the workshop, knowing exactly what you need to do, to get started with writing your book.

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 Workshop Session 4

ROOM 1 - Shannon Bush :: Mindsets and Marketing Styles

Putting out your Facebook-page-shingle and saying “I’m open for business” is a hugely vulnerable action to take. It brings out the worst of your “can I really do this?” moments, challenging you in ways beyond your big, bright imagination. Building a business you want to be in for the long haul – making things you adore and having clients who love you as much as the things you sell or
services you deliver – requires marketing. But where do you start and what should you do to get the results you want?

In this interactive workshop Shannon will share the key marketing insights associated with each of the 12 archetypes of her Thrive Factor Framework. You’ll understand your archetypal strengths and why the way you think and market won’t be like everyone else. In fact if that’s what you’re trying to do, you’ll feel stuck in the forever muddle of not knowing what’s right or wrong or even worth considering.

Profoundly permission giving, this workshop will challenge you to find your own ways to overcome marketing overwhelm as you trudge forward trying to do ALL the things you’ve been told to do to attract, convert and continue to work with your ideal people. It will then provide you with ways to assess the mountain of strategies you have to choose from and give you confidence to know where to direct your time, energy and money to. Thrive Factor marketing is about you marketing in ways that align with who you are, not who you’re told you need to be.

ROOM 2 - Renée Hasseldine :: OWN YOUR ZONE

Being clear about your zone of genius, the problems you solve and the solutions you provide is a key ingredient to success for anyone wanting to be the go-to expert in their field. In this workshop, Renée will guide you through her step-by-step process to get clear on Your Zone of Genius.

This workshop is great for business owners who want more clarity so that they can communicate their value and get more clients and will lay the foundations for being ready to develop their own Signature System and leverage their legacy.

ROOM 3 - Mikaela Danvers :: Move Your Business to the Next Level

How often are you 100% confident that you are working on the right thing – right now – in your business? Sometimes, even when we are doing all the right things, it can feel like we’re spinning our wheels and not moving forward at all.

This could be because you’re focusing on the wrong area of your business, or doing all the right things – but at the wrong time.

In this interactive workshop you will pin-point where you are in your business journey, uncover what you’ve been missing and discover the exact area of focus that’s right for YOU, right now. You’ll walk away armed with a strategic plan on how to move your creative business to the next level.

2:10 - Afternoon Tea
2:40 - Angela Henderson :: How to Humanise Your Business with Facebook Groups and Zero Paid Advertising
In our fast paced world where everything is automated, customers are longing for one key element – human connectiveness. Angela will be sharing her wealth of wisdom and proven strategies to help you grow your business by humanising your brand through a Facebook Group. She will be sharing her secrets she’s learned over the years in building an active Facebook Group and all while paying $0 in advertising.
4:00 - PANEL SESSION :: Sustainability, Profitability & Growth

Featuring Kate Toon, Shannon Bush, Laura Elkaslassy and Linda Reed-Enever

6:30 SOCIAL EVENT - Details to Come

Things to Note

  • The program is subject to change at this stage and more details will be available soon.
  • All Keynotes and ROOM 1 Workshops will be live streamed on the 18th & 19th so you can join the action in REAL TIME.
  • All Keynotes and Workshops will be recorded and available to attendees after the event.

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