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The 2017 Artful Business Conference is happening May 27 & 28 in 2017.

Program details are subject to change at this point.

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Day One – May 27, 2017

7:30 - Doors Open for Registration and Mingling
8:30 - Event Welcome with Elle Roberts
8:45 - Elle Roberts :: 7 Rules For The Creative Entrepreneur & When To Break Them
Being in business for 7 seven years I’ve learnt a thing or two. It’s been a wild ride with lots of incredible experiences and I tend to forget that there’s so much to share when you’ve been doing what you’re doing for this long.

Everywhere you turn there’s someone telling you how you have to do something or a bunch of things to be a success. And if you don’t then you’re destined to be a failure and your business journey will be shit.

You know what? That’s not the case at all. In this opening session you’ll hear what I think are the 7 rules for creative entrepreneurs – rules I’ve learned in my 7 years in business BUT the most important part of what you’ll hear is when to break them.

When you’re a creative entrepreneur you’re completely equipped to be a rule breaker AND that’s a good thing. It’s about using your creativity to design a business based on what you need right now and what you think you’ll need in the future. Rules are great for business success. Sometimes they also just need to exist to be broken.

9:25 - Peter Tullin :: Trend Scouting - the undercurrents shaping the Creative Industries
Peter Tullin, Co-Founder, REMIX Summits and CultureLabel.com will explore the trends that every creative entrepreneur should be thinking about?

What impact will these trends have on the cultural and creative industries?

Who are the innovators operating ahead of the curve and how are they changing the landscape? How can individual creatives as well as organisations adopt new approaches and business models?

10:30 - Morning Tea

11:00 Workshop Session 1

ROOM 1 - Kate Toon :: How To Woo Google & Make It Fall In Love With Your Business

Ah Google, as a user you treat us so well. But as a website owner, why do you have to play so hard to get?

The truth is making Google fall in love with your website (and rewarding that love by pushing it to the top of the index) isn’t as hard as you might think. Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a dark art or something only genius experts can do – and Kate is here to help you realise just how much control you have over your relationship with Google.

In this workshop Kate Toon will take you through:

  • What SEO is and how Search Engines like Google work.
  • How to make your website easier for humans and Google to understand.
  • How to quickly audit your website and find all the techie bugs.
  • Easy peasy keyword research tips.
  • How to write SEO copy in 7 simple steps.

This session focuses on quick easy wins that make a big impact on your website. You’ll leave the session feeling more confident and genuinely excited to grapple the Google beast.

ROOM 2 - Shannon Bush :: Meet Your Effortless Success Zone
Albert Einstein wisely said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Did you know business can be fun, and easy too?

Let’s throw together equal parts creativity, intelligence and fun and see what being effortlessly successful is about. Shannon Bush loves to teach, share and inspire business women to turn incredible capabilities into something real, rewarding and effortless to express. Instead of getting stuck in the trenches of have to’s and the busyness of business, join Shannon on a visual journey to meet your effortless success zone.

This is not a workshop fuelled by quick fixes and empty promises. That’s not the Creative Possibility way. Instead you’ll create a colour filled map showing where you’ve come from, what you’ve uncovered and how to use this valuable information to move forward more effortlessly in business. It’s a bit business review, a bit business plan and marketing plan and a good measure of personal development, shared with oodles of creativity, intelligence and fun.

ROOM 3 - Peter Tullin :: Follow the speaker
“A chance to follow Peter off-stage and unpack the issues discussed in the keynote as well as some one-to-one time to explore how to apply some of the advice to your individual scenarios.”
12:20 Lunch
1:20 Kylie Lewis :: Your Leap Story: Choosing Courage Over Comfort

Designing A Fulfilling Career.

Maybe you’ve got a business itch you’d like to scratch, a possibility you’re pondering, or are teetering on the edge of leap. If you’re considering starting your own business, side gig or would like to be a bit braver in your working life, this session will explore what you need to consider, how to get yourself organised and put together the building blocks for moving forward.

Equal parts inspiration, courage building and strategic planning we’re going to dive into what goes into taking a leap – practically, strategically, emotionally and financially. So often we wish we had more time to think more deeply about work that really matters to us, but we get caught up in day to day busyness. This session is about holding space to think… and then make plans to do. Let’s write your next leap story together.

2:05 Katie Wyatt :: 6 Habits of Successful Influencers and Empire Builders
To build an empire and leave a lasting legacy on the world, in any way that you desire, we must build habits that lead to influence and success.

However you define your empire, however you define success, the habits remain the same. In this session, Katie will share with you 6 habits that she’s observed – both from building her own empire and interviewing more than 70 empire builders on her Empire by Design podcast – that true influencers and empire builders have in common.

Hint: they won’t be the usual habits you’d expect, some of them might surprise you!

2:50 - Ricci-Jane Adams :: FEARLESS!

How to get it, live it and keep it for wild abundance, inevitable success and unlimited personal power in your life and business.

What is fearlessness? Is it recklessness? Lack of care and responsibility? Is it throwing caution to the wind?

For Ricci-Jane it is living knowing that she cannot fail. It is radical self-worth. And this, in truth, is the primary ingredient for any kind of success. Without self-esteem securely in place, the foundation of everything we create is fatally flawed. We will actually sub-consciously sabotage our own success.

Join Ricci-Jane as she guides you through the exact processes she has used to align with her own fearlessness, and shares her deeply personal story from breakdown to incredible success, exponential growth and a life lived 100% on purpose.

Is it possible to be this happy? Yes. It is. You just gotta go make friends with the fear.

3:35 - Afternoon Tea
4:15 - PANEL SESSION :: Creative Business Landscape

Featuring Peter Tullin, Katie Wyatt, Kate Toon, Shannon Bush and Elle Roberts.

What is coming as far as trends and technology that online business owners and creative entrepreneurs need to be aware of? What is just over the horizon and how can we and our businesses be ready?

6:30 SOCIAL EVENT - Details to Come

Day Two – May 28, 2017

7:30 - Doors Open for Mingling
8:30 - Shannon Bush :: Creating A Lean In Effect With Your Effortless Magnetism
This is definitely not your everyday take on marketing!


Really? I have to market? Yes you do creative entrepreneur! The fabulous news is marketing doesn’t have to be all screw-your-face-up-in-horror or but-I-don’t-I-can’t-I-won’t. Marketing is easier with good re-frames and solid foundations, the kind anyone can put in place. Add a dash of your own awesomeness and you’ll have people leaning in repeatedly wanting more.

Shannon Bush is a Business Innovator and Business Yoda all rolled into one. A marketing nerd from way back, she discovered the power of magnetism at 8 when selling her artwork in her grandma’s shop. It took a few decades but with her #MarkeToThrive philosophy now a program women in business love, it’s all come together.

This year Shannon joins us to share her thought provoking, action-inspiring take on the effortless magnetism and what it does for your marketing. You’ll get re-frames galore and be note-taking with vigour with abundant, practical, sensible, wise sharing. Take a deep breath and open up to your own magnetic potential.

9:20 Workshop Session 2

ROOM 1 - Laura Elkaslassy :: Money Masterclass (Q&A Session)
There is often so much confusion and overwhelm about business finances.  It can sometimes feel like there is so much to know but not a lot of user friendly information out there. It is totally normal to have A LOT of questions, no matter what stage of business you are at.

Have you been wondering at what stage you are ready to outsource the finance side of your business? Do you know what services are available? What about the different financial systems out there? Unsure as to what Profit First is? How much time you should be allocating to your finances? Pricing giving you a headache?

In this workshop with Laura, you will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions. You are free to pick Laura’s brain and finally get the answers to your questions. It will be a dynamic workshop, with a lot of great content and the opportunity to start the implementation process straight away.


ROOM 2 - Kylie Lewis :: Content Marketing... It's The New Black, but what is it?

It is a marketing jungle out there! From blogs, to optins, to social to emails to video, marketing today looks very different to what it did even just five years ago. In this session, we’ll look at how to develop a communication strategy that fits your business and life, that is authentic to who you are and that converts to customers. Will dig into your why, identify your content themes, build a content calendar that you can actually stick to, and unlock some productivity hacks along the way.

This session focuses on quick easy wins that make a big impact on your website. You’ll leave the session feeling more confident and genuinely excited to grapple the Google beast

ROOM 3 - Dawn Lewis :: Sensible Strategies To Conquer The Fear Of Being Seen On Screen
If you want to use video more for your business, but you’re not sure what’s in it for you other than sweaty palms, jumbled words, tech phobia and a big hole in your budget … then this workshop is for you. 

A no nonsense, budget-friendly, practical guide for the camera-shy, little-bit-nervous, my-voice-is-weird and where-do-I-even-start folks who might be feeling the fear, but want to make videos anyway! Dawn Lewis brings her experience as a television presenter, vlogger and YouTuber into this workshop to teach you how to ease into the role of video creator. 

Dawn will cover how to begin with free resources … walk through filming, editing and uploading videos … creating thumbnails & graphics … content strategy and planning.

10:40 Morning Tea

11:00 Workshop Session 3

ROOM 1 - Ricci Jane Adams :: I AM SO FREAKING WORTHY!
A practical guide to getting fearless in your business and your life.

Wild abundance, inevitable success and unlimited personal power.

These are the hallmarks of fearlessness

But is it truly possible to live a fearless life? Ricci-Jane says yes! And in this totally practical, soul-shaking workshop, she’ll take you through her exact, replicatable processes for getting fearless. It’s called Intuitive Intelligence and it is the foundation of the success, joy and abundance you are seeking.

Working with the idea of energy first, physical second, Ricci-Jane is going to show you how to partner with the infinite to break free of your limiting beliefs in a permanent and sustainable way

Hold on to your hats! This is going to be hard and fast and totally joyful fearlessness in action!

ROOM - 2 Katie Wyatt :: Rock Podcasting as a Host or Guest
Join Katie in this interactive (aka she will make you work for it!) workshop as she breaks down why you should care about AUDIO in your content marketing and influence-building strategies and how to use the podcast platform specifically to grow your reach – either as a show host or guest. 

Plan your show or plan your pitch – we are knocking out both in this fast-paced workshop!

ROOM 3 - Karyn Sealby :: Taking Beautiful Stock Photos
This practical workshop covers lighting styling and editing. Rock up with your phone, camera or both for hands on learning. 
Learn to style images for online stores, social media, stock photos and backgrounds
Makers bring a product and bloggers bring a prop. (only if it fits in your bag)
12:20 - Lunch

1:10 Workshop Session 4

ROOM 1 - Katie Wyatt & Elle Roberts :: The Influence Map


To grow your business, you need to raise your visibility and influence in your market. You need to get comfortable being seen and claiming your own brilliance!

Join Katie and Elle, two lady bosses who have both built influence and visibility in crowded markets, both in different ways, using their unique personalities and skill sets.

This interactive workshop will help you to:

  • identify your current level of visibility and influence.
  • understand the influence map – what are the drivers of visibility and influence and how can you grow in each area.
  • develop a plan to grow your visibility and influence in 2017.
  • have a clear process to review your progress along the way.

Standing out doesn’t have to be hard or sleazy. Let’s each get comfortable with being ourselves, being proud and standing tall.

Ladies, let’s shine!


ROOM 2 - Gail O'Keeffe :: #TapThat, Confidence, Success And You Blooming!

Business is always an interesting journey. As you take step after step you hope and pray that success is on its way. You have some wins and things feel awesome. Epic even.

Then something happens…. In this session Gail O’Keeffe, Success Liberator, will share deep insights into how to create ‘The Canvas Of Your Life’ by engaging with the epic power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), commonly referred to as tapping. As well as learning what tapping is you’ll discover that it’s grounded in science (not the scary boring kind) and innovation (here’s where creativity comes in), you’ll be guided to visually work through an epic shift in your confidence and acceptance of success.

Then, when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Gail will show you, through the use of Positive EFT, how to continue to grow your confidence and embrace your success.

ROOM 3 - Julie Gibbons :: Creating a marketing campaign with your visual assets

You’ve already got your colours and fonts sorted for your brand, but you’re not quite sure what to do with them next. All the graphics you’ve ever made in Canva don’t seem to capture what it is you want your brand to say.

They lack a certain something; so you keep on trying new things, you’re still spending hours and still not happy with your results (and neither are your potential customers – your ads are met with crickets).

What’s wrong?

Good design is not just ‘whatever-you-like’. It’s efficient, meaningful AND beautiful. It gets its message across effectively, and elegantly.

In this workshop, we cover the basics of good graphic design, how to combine elements of your brand style guide for maximum impact, and create your own advertising campaign within Canva (requires you to bring your own ipad or laptop).

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Graphic design basics and what they say about your brand (colours, fonts, imagery).
  • Variations on a theme – graphic design layout techniques you can use to alter mood within your branding assets.
  • How you can create a sub-theme for your branding from existing assets, and how to create variety and interest within that.
  • Have a short hands-on Canva workshop (requires ipad or laptop) – create an ad campaign for your next event.
2:50 - Kate Toon :: The Misfit Entreprenur


We’re told that to be successful in business we need a master plan, rich investors, and input from smarmy sales gurus or life coaches. But do we really? Is it possible to stay small and still feel successful?  

Is it possible to conquer the imposter syndrome, deal with the copy cats, build an empire based on relationships and achieve your dreams in the few short hours between drop off and pick up?

Kate Toon thinks it is – and she’s here to tell you how you can be the kind of entrepreneur YOU want to be.

3:45 - Afternoon Tea
4:00 - PANEL SESSION :: Multiple Income Streams in Business


Featuring Dawn Lewis, Laura Elkaslassy, Julie Gibbons and Elle Roberts.

Making money is the purpose of being in business, right? Yet, it is often the missing piece in the puzzle.

This panel will bring together the ideas, experiences and advice of several different ladies, across different industries who are making multiple income streams work for them and their business.


6:30 SOCIAL EVENT - Details to Come

Things to Note

  • The program is subject to change at this stage and more details will be available soon.
  • All Keynotes and Workshops will be recorded and available to attendees after the event.
  • ROOM 1 Workshops will be live streamed on the 27th & 28th so you can join the action in REAL TIME.

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