Meet our Artful Attendees – Julie Gibbons

Since attending her first Artful Business Conference virtually in 2014, Julie Gibbons was compelled to attend the next one in person; she was hooked. Julie gained so much from attending our conference in person that she hasn’t missed one of our events since.

Julie is a visual translator, a creative conduit and a distiller of ideas; with an impressive background in a range of arts.

With close to 25 years of design experience under her belt, Julie is now the owner of branding agency, Brandiworks.

Originally trained as a contemporary jeweller in 1995, she continued on to complete a PhD in Fine Arts and built her very first website in 2000. Julie then trained as a teacher and started a family. While her kids were little Julie started a business from home making and selling cushion covers on Etsy.

Julie loves to travel, having been to far-flung places like Kathmandu, which holds a special place in her heart. She has lived in big cities for many years, but has now come home to live about 30kms from where she grew up.

“I’m the sum of many parts and I love how my life has evolved. Which all means I understand a whole bunch of things, from various perspectives. Which also means I can more easily see inside people’s heads, (i.e. I understand a LOT about Elle from what she says and how she presents herself and I have so much respect for her and the way she runs Artful Business Event.)”

When Julie first attended Artful, she was selling cushion covers on Etsy. Sales were few and far between, her business wasn’t making any money.

Since attending Artful, her whole business mindset has changed, and so has her business. Julie now offers branding and website design to established solo-preneurs. Business has grown substantially and most importantly – her still-growing business is now profitable.

“The former 2013 version of myself would barely recognise my 2019 self – she would be in total awe of who I am now.”

When asked what she’d like others to know about Artful, Julie says

“It’s a room full of friends!! SMART friends who have your very best interests at heart and will do everything they can to help you build your business.”

When asked how she’d sum up Artful, Julie has said:


“Artful business events are


Julie has recently undergone the exciting adventure of rebranding her on business as her skills and confidence have grown incredibly in the past five years and she needed her business direction to reflect that.

Brandiwork is here to assist other solopreneurs with being proud of their business.

“Because when you show your best face, when you exude all the energy and love you feel for what you do – your audience knows they’re in the right place.”

Along with many other passionate, creative entrepreneurs, Julie will be attending Artful Business Conference 2021 in Perth and looks forward to meeting you there.

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