Katie Wyatt is a podcaster, speaker, writer, coach and trainer.

Katie is not just building a business – but is building an empire! She is helping others to build theirs too.

She has grown her authority, influence and online presence rapidly using the podcasting platform. She launched her first successful podcast – Empire by Design (previously The Wellness Entrepreneur) – more than 2 years ago.

She now has two podcasts (she is co-host on The Ladyboss Project with collaborator Elle Roberts) and helps entrepreneurs to conceptualise, create, launch and grow podcasts that grow their authority, audience and business.

The founder of the PodWell – an online program teaching entrepreneurs to grow their profile and influence with a podcasting and curator of Podcast Empire – a membership community for podcasters focused on growing their audience, converting more clients and creating community, Katie is going to share her knowledage and skills with us at #artfulbizcon 2017.

She will be sharing with us particle ways to use podcasting in yoru business, either as a host or a guest as well teaching other amazing ways to build your influence and grow your brand beyond your current networks.