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Five Days to an Actionable Business Plan


Let’s Talk About Your Pricing

Pricing is often an uncomfortable topic for many creatives in business. So many of us drastically undercharge for our products and there is a myriad of reasons for that. The result, is business owners end up overworked, out-of-pocket and left with a business that is not sustainable and quickly stops being rewarding.

When setting your prices there are so many things to consider, in this workshop we are going to look at:

  • The Numbers
  • Your Mindset, and
  • The Marketing Value

It will be a face paced and jam packed session with lots of information as well as a free workbook so you can keep working on your prices after the webinar.


Visual Business Plan Recording

Business Planning should not only be simple and fun but it should also be effective and exciting!

The magic of good business planning is that it encourages inspired action.

Business Planning is not about getting it all right – it’s about getting clear on where you want to go and figuring out the steps you need to take to get there.

It is a roadmap for your dreams in business and life.

<http://artfulbusinesscommunity.com/events-and-programs/webinars-free-training/visual-business-plan-free-training/”>CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE RECORDING


Insider Scoop to Conferences & Events

Want to learn how to choose the events to attend, how to get the most of them, run your own events & land speaking gigs?

Live Events are a fun way to meet like-minded people, learn new skills and even expand your business model.

But how do you make sure they are the best investment for your business?

Let’s talk about all the aspects of events and conferences so that you can be sure to use events in a way that will expand your knowledge, grow your profile and build your business!

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