May 18th – 20th, 2019


A business conference, with a creative heart.

You are amazing. Like, incredible at your craft. You’re inventive to the core – you are a maker, or an artist, or a writer, or designer, or a creative in business. Still, being an entrepreneur is a little different than you’d imagined.

#artfulbizcon is a business conference with a creative twist.

Bursting with meaningful development advice, inspirational stories, and speakers with a whole lot of heart, the Artful Business Conference shows you the pathway to dream, build, and maintain your business in an artful way.

More than just an event, Artful  brings a community of like-minded people who want to build empires in different way  different to what we all grew up thinking business should be. The connections within the Artful community will see you finding support, growing your network, and making real friends.

Hosted by Online Business Manager, Creative Curator, and Multipotentialite, Elle Roberts, in 6 years Artful has fast become one of the creative community’s favourite conferences.

The Artful Business Conference is a GAME-CHANGER 

for passionate entrepreneurs and self-employed

creatives and makers just like you.

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2019 Stellar Speakers

Elle Roberts

Elle Roberts

Event Founder & Online Business Manager

Kate Toon

Kate Toon

Copywriter & SEO Genius

Shannon Bush

Shannon Bush

Business Liberator

Linda Reed-Enever

Linda Reed-Enever

Marketing & PR Go-To Girl

Stasha Washburn

Stasha Washburn

Period Coach for Women in Business

Angela Henderson

Angela Henderson

Founder of Finlee and Me, Business Consultant

Shilpa Agarwal

Shilpa Agarwal

Book-Writing and Marketing Mentor

 Renée Hasseldine

Renée Hasseldine

IP Assets Queen

Laura Elkaslassy

Laura Elkaslassy

Profit Pioneer

Jenny De Lacy

Jenny De Lacy

Visibility Coach & Video Trainer

Mikaela Danvers

Mikaela Danvers

Multipassionate Creative Entrepreneur

Jay Crisp Crow

Jay Crisp Crow

Copywriter & Copy Coach


Imagine one event that shifts the way you do business forever.

Where you’ll look back and think

that was the moment everything changed.”

You should be able to sell your beautiful product or service online. After all, no one knows your ‘thing’ better than you. But you’ve already come to realise the marketing and promotion side of business is a struggle.

You’ve read all the blogs, you’ve downloaded all the freebies, and now you’re ready for a group of women who’ve gone before you to tell you the truth.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as an ‘artist’, this event is for you. If you are a small business owner who thinks outside the box, a creative, an entrepreneur, if you know you have something wonderful to offer the world, and build a successful business at the same time, you belong at Artful.

Because it’s not enough to be wonderful at what you do, you need easy to consume, actionable advice from people who’ve done what you’d like to so you can improve your business and your bottom line.

#artfulbizcon is your answer.


The best bit about Artful – the attendees

The Artfulbizcon totally rocked. I was inspired by the entrepreneurial journeys and stories there. I loved connecting in person and all the hugs. The workshops were a great opportunity to learn and implement.

Mitlé Southey

Coach & Mentor, Dare To Flourish

I didn’t think artful was for me because I’m not an artist. Well, I’m pleased to say I was wrong. Even though I’ve been in business for 16 years, there is always more to learn.

Renee Hasseldine

Online Course Creator, Share Your Passion

Four years of ABC, and I am still learning. It’s the ultimate refining process, and an amazing way to connect with like-minded folk and forge friendships & collaborations. Just dip your toes in the virtual space and try it.

Dawn Lewis

Maker & Designer, Dawn Lewis Imagery

Artful is about community.

Together we support, grow and learn. You’ll feel empowered and filled to the brim with useful information after an event.

Ebony Balaz

Designer and Crafter, Adroit Business Solutions

Exclusive VIP Ticket

  • A 2 day, all access pass to Artful Business Conference for May 18th & 19th 2019

  • Access to our VIP Mastermind Day – 9am-1pm, Monday, 20th May

    This will be facilitated by Elle Roberts and 3 incredible event speakers. Limited to 40 participants, this is a day of brainstorming, action planning, and implementation

  • 30 minute coaching call with Elle Roberts

Meet Elle – the Artful Business Conference Curator

Elle is a multi-passionate creative coach, business mentor, dreamer, writer, speaker, and life-long entrepreneur.

Her happy place is working with clients to sort out their business planning, social media, marketing, goal setting, and digital strategies so they can focus on doing the work they love. She is an Online Business Manager working with short term and long term clients to enable them to streamline their business, maximise their profits and feel good about their marketing and planning.

As a balance for her love of all things systems and tech, she harbours a not so secret crazy passion for all things handmade and arty, so working with crafty and creative clients fills her with joy. 

With a soft spot for micro business and solo operators, she works with each client individually to help them find and communicate their inner values, believe in their innate potential, and help them rock out like the stars they truly are.

Elle is the brains and muscle behind the Artful Business Conference, having grown it with love, care, a bit of sweat-equity and a few tears, in 6 short years into the favoured business conference it’s become.

In 2019, Elle is sharing her wisdom on the stage at the event. She will be talking about  how to use your business as a tool to create the change you want to see in the world and she will be running an interactive workshop on Productivity and Organisation so you can do more with your time and take back control of your business.

The Artful Business Conference is her passion project.

She runs her own business, Elle Roberts – Online Business Management full time, around raising three kids and loving the man in her life. She also curates the Artful Business Community, Fierce Entrepreneurs and hosts Fierce Podcast.

Can’t make it in person this time?

No problem.

For those who can’t make it to the live event, join all the live action from the comfort of home with an-

Artful Business Conference Virtual Ticket

The Virtual Ticket gives you access to our live, online stream of the event. We have a team at the event dedicated to looking after the needs of our Virtual Members. There is a chat function to allow you to interact with and ask questions, not only of the other virtual members but also the speakers and hosts through the magic of the internet and our amazing Tech crew.


The conference runs for 2 full days with social events before and after. CLICK HERE to check out a preview of the 2019 program.

The core event will run 8am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday May 18th & 19th, 2019. We will host (un-official) social events on the evenings Friday 17th, Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th – these are not covered in the ticket price and are each casual gatherings to encourage further conversations and community spirit. If you are lucky enough to nab yourself a VIP Ticket the Mastermind Day on Monday 29th May will officially run from 9am – 1pm with additional time to stay and workshop ideas until 3pm.

Get the recordings

Whether you purchase an Event Ticket or a Virtual Ticket you will have lifetime access to recordings of all conference sessions. If you can’t watch it all live over the weekend the Virtual Ticket means to don’t have to miss a thing! And for all our Event Attendees you don’t need to fret about which workshop to attend or worry you might forget something – all the learnings will be at your fingertips soon after the event.


Is the event catered?

The core event is fully catered. Saturday and Sunday we have you covered with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea  and all the beverages you need throughout the day.

Social events are Pay Your Own Way and are not covered in your ticket price.

I have food allergies – can you cater for me?

We sure can! We are yet to announce the venue as we are waiting to confirm details but we can promise that food allergies will be catered for and we simply ask that you let us know at the time of registration exactly what your food requirements are.

Does the ticket include accommodation?

No. The ticket price is for the Event only. You are responsible for any travel and accommodation costs.

Do I need to have a business already?

Short answer – NO!

If you are craving something different, have considered starting a business or even just a blog to see where it goes, you will learn so much to help you take those first few steps. In fact, the business owning women around you will tell you how clever you are!

I’ve been in business for years, will I learn anything new?

YES! The incredible speakers have so much knowledge to impart to you, not to mention the calibre of the attendees.

You also get access to all of the previous event materials which cover a variety of business aspects from social media, money and profit, legals, e-newsletters, online selling, branding, business planning, copywriting, SEO, business building and so much more.

What is the dress code?

Wear something that you are going to be comfortable in as the focus of the event is on the work and the learning you will do over the two days. Wear clothes that are YOU!

This is not your typical business conference so suits and such are only welcome if that is what you feel most comfortable in.

Can I bring my children?

Babies under the age of 9 months are welcome to attend the event with you.

In 2017 our fearless leader had her 2 month old TWINS at the event (luckily her amazing partner and MIL came to look after them while she was busy running the show).

There will not be facilities to care for children any older than this but we understand new babies need their mums and so prams and bubs are more than welcome at the event. We do ask that you respect the other guests and if bub is having a cry that you leave the room until they have settled again.

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