Let’s talk about what is #shymarketing, why you’re doing it and most importantly how to loose your #shymarketing habits for good! #shymarketing is hurting your business, impacting your profitability and doing a disservice to the world in general.

At our mastermind day at the 2017 #artfulbizcon, one of the ladies asked about how they can increase sales of their latest product.

When I asked her how she was currently marketing it and her business in general she answered. . .”SHYLY”


The room exploded with laughter and expressions of agreement!


We can all relate right? Many of us are doing ourselves, our businesses and the world around us a HUGE disservice because we are too SHY when it comes to marketing our skills, our skills and our worth.

So how do we combat this #shymarketing and learn new habits?



Be honest with yourself

Reflect on how you really feel about your current marketing efforts? Do they make you feel proud, excited, ready? Perhaps are you feeling flat, pushy, anxious or just unsure. It doesn’t matter what the answers are, be HONEST. Because once you are really honest with yourself – that’s when we can make changes that work.

Take stock of all your current marketing efforts. Note them all down on a piece of paper. Think about your newsletter, social media, events you go to, your website. All of it. What is on the list and which ones feel the most positive?

Now think about what you wish was different. Do you need more clarity around your message? Do you want to be more consistent? If time and money was no object what would your marketing plan look like. Dream big!

So, what’s stopping you?

Again be really honest here – it’s the only way to get real results.

Is it a lack of knowledge? Perhaps it is a perceived lack of knowledge, but that can be more limiting.

What emotions or thoughts are stopping you? Are you feeling icky or salesy about your current tactics? Are you scared about what people will say? Is it a fear of success or being ridiculed? Again – there is no right answers here, we are all different and there will different emotions getting in your way. The key is to ADMIT to the emotions and thoughts that are real for you, so you can take steps to overcome them.

Now – let’s work out HOW you can move past these blocks.

Really think about what you wish you knew, or what you wish to feel more confident in and spend an hour or two googling tips and info specific to that platform or that strategy. You probably know more than you are giving yourself credit for.

There are lots of tools to help you overcome the emotional stuff as well, my first suggestion would be to talk to someone about it. Share with a business friend how you’re feeling and why it’s holding you back. Then look at other methods such as journalling, tapping, working with a business coach etc. You’ll know what is right for you – the key is to MAKE A PLAN.

Get Accountable

It would be super easy to listen (or read) these tips and then get on with your day, and your month the same as you have always done. You can distract yourself with the busy-ness of your day and forget all about what we have talked about, but if you do, you’ll continue to market your business and your skills shyly and that just doesn’t serve you!

So I encourage you to take it a step further and make yourself accountable to the changes you wish to make.

Talk to a friend. As I said before, find a business buddy to share this work with. Send them a link to the episode and once they have had a listen get together to discuss your current message, your tactics and of course your fears and emotions.

Work on it together and agree to catch up again and check in with each other.

If you aren’t sure which friend to work with, feel free to jump into the Artful Business Community Facebook Group and share your questions, actions and ah-ha moments with the group in there. I’d love to hear about your experience and I know the rest of the group will be supportive and encouraging to anyone as they work to better their marketing habits.

Free Chat

Because I’m so determined to help creative entrepreneurs break their #shymarketing habits I am offering anyone who listens to this episode and would like to discuss their situation in details a FREE 20 min marketing chat with me.


The link is only valid until the end of Feb 2018.