Lorraine Hamilton is a Business Mindset Coach who helps you move past self-sabotage and discover what it really takes to find, speak and live your purpose through your business. She does so in a way that is practical, down to earth and driven by your own values.

Lorraine has a values-focused approach to conquering your business mindset.

In today’s episode she share with you some implementable advice to help you look at your own habits, recognise areas of self-sabotage (often disguised as procrastination or perfectionism) and shift to more inspired and connected action.


Lorraine describes how we are hard wired as humans to fit in, be one of the crowd and the reactions that are triggered when we push the boundaries.

“Visibility is often the first thing to set off our fear instinct and our instincts win out over our conscious thoughts every time.”

Lorraine talks about the power of small, well thought out actions and how we can stretch our comfort zones and move to the next level without triggering a fear response. We have talked about mindset many times before on the podcast and I am a BIG believer in the power of small actions!

She shares lots of great advice and practical tips throughout the episode but the quote by a famous Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō which she shares as her greatest business tip of all is;

“Follow not in the footsteps of the masters – seek what they sought”

This quote asks you to not copy the actions others have made, but instead look beyond the actions – seek what they hoped to achieve with those actions, align that to your own values and goals and then determine what actions are right for you.

Do you work on your business mindset? What tips do you have to help us stay connected to our values and unique desires?