Today I want to share with you three of my personal favourite moments from 6 years running the Artful Business Conference.

I’ve share many times about the hardships, the lessons I’ve learnt and the down right dark days! But what has kept me inspired and motivated beyond that is the moments of joy and life changing experiences that our attendees have each and every year.

Let me tell you about three of them.


Rewriting Your Story

One of the most powerful moments was when a lady in my business planning workshop in 2015 realised she no longer had to believe that her business was doomed to failure.

Someone had told her 19 years before that her business was never going to be viable, and she had run her business for the past two decades not ever expecting it to make her any money because she had taken on this persons truth and made it her own. Together we re-wrote her story and gave her a new truth to believe in!

Finding Your Tribe

One of the best things about Artful Business Conference is walking into the room and knowing instantly that you have found your people! It’s an amazing experience to connect with like-minded, inspiring creative who just GET IT!

The two days of the event is always spent having conversations that so many of us don’t get to have with our every day networks. Even supportive friends and encouraging partners often don’t understand the elation felt when we get a new email subscriber or the emotional attachment we feel to that last offer that bombed.

The attendees at Artful do and it’s so wonderful to feel at home!

Collaborations and Friendships

More than just juicy and inspiring conversations come out of the event however, there have been many beautiful partnerships, friendships and collaborations blossom out of the Artful Business Conference.

Karyn and Dawn struck up a friendship online in the virtual room a few years back and meet for the first time in 2016. They work together each week as accountability buddies help both their businesses move forward in a way it simply couldn’t without the support and encouragement they give to each other.

And in 2017 they are launching a co-hosted podcast for Aussie Makers!

Rachelle and Wendy meet by chance, sitting next to each other durning one of the sessions at Artful 2015 and since then have worked together, travelling the country, body painting and photographing breast cancer survivors. These photos made up an incredible calendar, the sales of which has raised over $60,000 for breast cancer support services and research.

If you want to know more about this amazing collaborative mission check out SO BRAVE.

More to come!

2017 is going to be even more incredible than year’s past, it is shaping up to be a sell out event with 150 creative entrepreneurs in the room over the weekend.